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I've been known to string together a sentence or two. The words even make sense occasionally. (In the right order and everything!)

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Growing a Local Community Brand with Love Southend

8 August 2020


Between 2014 and 2018, I ran the social media and website for Love Southend - a local Southend community website in the UK.



Marketing Designs for a Wellington Recruitment Agency

7 August 2020 Projects

I designed and created the marketing materials for Socialite - a Wellington-based tech recruitment agency.


How I Built This Website in Wagtail

18 July 2020 Projects

My experience as a hobbyist coder building my first Wagtail website. From localhost to production.


Case Studies & Blog Posts for a Wellington Digital Agency

18 July 2020 Projects

Internal projects I worked on during my time at Alphero.


Senbazuru: One Thousand Origami Cranes

18 July 2020 Thoughts

This is what one thousand origami cranes look like when you order them by colour.


My First Attempts at Digital Painting

18 July 2020 Hobbies

Drawing is easier when you can just CTRL-Z every other stroke.


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